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The Autobiography of
Billie E. Hall:
"Confessions of a Vintage Black Queen: Reflections"
Vol I
"Confessions of a Vintage Black Queen: Love Child"
Vol II
"Confessions of a Vintage Black Queen: Touched By The Devil's Angel"
This book has been years in the making.  After many re-writes, change of titles and more re-writes, it is at last in the final stages of being edited.  Completion of the book is imminent  and the plan is to have it published next year  just in time for the  return of "Confessions..."    
"Confessions of a Vintage Black Queen..." Volumes I Ii & III is the complete story of the one man stage play Billie Hall did called "Confessions of a Vintage Black Queen".  Each volume covers specific areas of his life and  goes into greater detail about his survival of child abuse, church abuse, sex abuse, rape and trying to come to term with his homosexuality.  Billie describes in vivid detail what it was like being gay, Black, and attempting to be a "Christian" while both the church and his race so often rejected him because of his sexuality.  
"Confessions...", the book describes a life that was filled with laughter and music amidst the abuse.  This is a dramatic book covering the highs, lows and confusion in a life that yearned for acceptance, love and peace.  Because of his upbringing and rejection by the church, etc., Billie came to  believe that he was unlovable and worthless.   As such, his life became one of self abuse by living a mis-managed life of promiscuity, arrests, heavy drinking, mishandling his finances and being drawn to abusive relationships, jobs and people.  The end result was a nervous breakdown that, in the end, actually saved him.
In the third volume of the book, "Confessions...Touched By The Devil's Angel", Billie speaks candidly for the first time about his nine years of employment as Della Reese's Executive Assistant, as well as about seven years as a member of the church she pastors.  Billie went to her church looking for a spiritual connection, healing and more acceptance and thought he'd found it.  "Nothing prepared me for the joy I felt there.  I felt home and free at last."  When Billie began working in the home office of Ms. Reese (and her husband, Franklin Lett whom he also assisted), he immediately felt himself a part of the family - at first.  Soon, his eyes opened and he began to see Ms. Reese for who she really was and began to witness the descrtuction and pain she was causing many around him.  Though Billie has never said it publicly, for the first time in his book he will tell how his experience with Reese/Lett drove  him to his nervous breakdown and diagnosis of Clinical Depression and PTSD. Needless to say, the experience with the Touched By An Angel star was not the only contributing factor after having lived such a life of abuse, but after nine years of intense stress, verbal and emotional abuse on a job with the so called "woman of God", it was the straw that broke the camel's back. The Third volume of "Confessions..." is a story of triumph in which Billie finally realizes that the only TRUTH to rely on is the one right inside of him.  The hard hitting volume is the denouement to a life fraught with confusion, a quest for answers and spiritual longing.
Billie doesn't pull any punches in his books  Like the play, "Confessions..." he tells it like it is - unflinchingly!  They are books you won't be able to put down!
Billie has made several guest appearances on the West Hollywood Public Access Station (channel 36 - Time Warner).  Recently he was featured on the station in a show called "An Evening With Billie Hall".  Though the show has already aired (in two parts), look for Billie on other stations being his real brazen self soon.  When those appearances are confirmed, this website will have the information. 
"An Evening With Billie Hall" was about 45 minutes of Billie singing, playing the piano; doing his dead-on impression of the incomparable Black comedianne, Jackie "Moms" Mabley; and, of course, his campy lip-synch tribute to Miss Diana Ross (his inspiration and idol), in full Supremes' style bouffant wig,  red dress and sequined heels drag! 
Billie told bits and pieces of his life story before some of the songs and in an interview shown between performances. His songs ranged from gut-bucket blues, to heart-felt gospel.  Throughout the music section Billie wears a variety of his "church lady" hats.  The hats alone are a show! 
The show was described as moving, inspirational and fun by members of the audience.   
You can also catch Billie in a guest appearance on "It's All About Me TV".  The segmant also aired on the West Hollywood Public Access Station several months ago, but can now be seen on You Tube.  Of course, Miss Hall is in one of her most outrageous church lady hats and spiked heels.  Between her and the host, Rodney, it's a debate as to who's crazier!  It's campy beyond belief.
Billie is available for speaking engagements  (and parts of his one man show) telling his story of survival because, as he says, "It's still happening, y'all. We still can't get married in most places. We can't adopt children in most places!  We're still being gay-bashed and kids are still being thrown out of their homes and churches because they're lesbian, gay or transgenered.  Not long ago, there was a video on the net about a 16 year old kid who actually went through an exorcism (!) to get rid of the 'demon of homosexuality'.  I was once that kid and all it did for me was create isolation and self loathing!  Now being free from all of that and living happily as a proud, gay queen, I know how important it is for those of us who've survived to tell our stories.  There's still much work to do!  We MUST share our stories!"
Since gospel singing was a major part of Billie's life in his earlier years, if you want some stomp down traditional gospel singing and piano playing, he is available for those appearances  as well.  One addition with the singing, "Child, I sing the blues now, too.  Check out my new song, "Touched By The Devil's Angel" which will be on soon". 
And if it's just comedy you want, Billie does a spot on impression of the incomporable Jackie "MOMS" Mabley (check him out doing a performance ofher on for an example).  Billie says, "I did "MOMS" for years and I still find her funny as hell even now.  She's doesn't really  get her due today (she was a real pioneer of comedy who later revealed that she was gay), so whenever I get to do her it's a real tribute that I hope does her justice". 
If you are interested in hearing Billie's moving story of triumph over adversity or other appearances, please contact this website. 
Mr./Ms. Hall is about to be one busy queen!  While he is still working very hard at healing from the past using various forms of therapy, it is clear to him that sharing what he's learned from his pain is also part of the therapy.  Billie says, "If someone had just told me that I was okay as a kid and guided me in a different direction instead of abusing me, I might have grown up living a healthier life, but that didn't happen.  However, I hope to be that guidance for someone else.  It wasn't all in vain!  I'm here!"
Some lovingly call Billie "Mother".  It's a name he/she's proud of because sharing his love with others is most important to him.  In the meantime, you can usually catch him most Sunday evenings at his haunt, the Gold Coast, in one of his church hats, visiting with some of her "children", trying to spread love or  comforting those who have been hurt in some way or, of course, tryin' to get in their business like any good Mama!  A real mother for ya, that Miss Hall!
Stay tuned for future updates about what's going on with Billie Hall.  In the meantime, go on out there and be your REAL, UNIQUE, and BEAUTIFUL self, child.  And remember what Billie Holiday said:  "GOD BLESS THE CHILD THAT'S GOT HIS (or her) OWN"!!!!!!!!

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