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"Confessions of a Vintage Black Queen" starring Billie Hall and the Committee at the Avery Schreiber Theatre in North Hollywood is a roller coaster of emotion - running the gamut from hilarious to poignant to inspirational.  For a first effort, "Confessions" is a remarkable ride and BillieHall is a remarkable talent.  He sings, he plays the piano, he creates memorable characters like the outspoken KOKO - who gives new meaning to the term "letting it all hangout"  Billie is also a superb storyteller, bringing you into the tale of his life and giving you the chance to live it with him - in all its melancholy and all its absurdity, in all its joy and all its pain. "Confessions of a Vintage BlackQueen" is a treat. Don't miss it.
Raspin Stuwart - Gorgeous Magazine
"I enjoyed the show very much.  It was witty, funny and heart breaking all at once.  I especially enjoyed the opportunity I had to interact with the staff and producers prior to the show.  Everyone was wonderful!"
Goldstar Member
"A powerhouse performance of life, love sadness and pain.  I have not been this moved by a single person performance in many moons.  Billie's emotional performance of his life and travels as a closeted Black, gay man, to a flamoyantly out gay man of honor from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, stirs the soul...Run don't walk to this powerful night of theater..."
D.L. Meyer
Audience Member
"Thank you for having the courage to reach out, step out, speak out and be your outrageious self.  This labor of love by you, generously supported by Aaron and your extended professional family is and will be a blessed labor love..."
A.J. McMillan-Thompson
Audience Member
"Brad and I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your show last night.  It was wonderful for us to see a show that we, as gay brothers, can all relate to, and the ending number summed it up so beautifully.  I loved the varied cast of characters, particularly Koko, and her anger.  Why have we become so complacent?  Kudos to you for getting your story (and Eddie's) out there.  Thank you for sharing it.  You are beautiful, darling, so go on with your bad self.  Bravo!"
Love & Hugs,
Brad & Ron
"She sings, she plays the piano, and she tells it like it is.  Billie Hall is the drag queen in question, inhabiting several roles as he takes us through his eventful, personal journey."
"CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Billie is incredible...and the way he exposes his soul, it's tremendously moving and funny..."
All My Love,
Dear Mr. Hall
I had the privilege of attending your opening night of "Confessions of a Vintage Black Queen" and I must say, your performance is phenominal!!! 
You tell a story that so many gay children of ungrateful parents have endured.  The sincerity of your delivery moved me to tears several times.  I kept wondering, "How did you ever come out of that experience alive?!"
Baby, can you sing?!  Oh my God, when you take to the piano I am mesmerized -- your saloon songs are over the top!!
I must also say that my favorite "girl" is Miss Fannie. She is classy, brief and to the point!! She has an entrance and exit that is spellbinding. 
In short, the production is: Great, Wonderful, Entertaining, Real, Truthful Hysterical with laughter and Honest.  Please continue this production.  So many gay people need to know they can come out of a terrible situation a strong and loving individual; and, straight people (and pseudo straight people) need to know the damage they inflict and its outcomes.
Thank you for a lovely evening!
Dr. Tedd Davis
Executive/Artistic Director
California Dance Center
The one man performance of Billie Hall in Confessions of a Vintage Black Queen was nothing less than riveting, exceptional and extraordinary.  It will make you laugh, cry and introspective.  Billie attacks you with his wonderful and hilarious interpretation of the "church ladies", brings you to tears with his reinactment of growing up in his dysfunctional family and appreciative of his ability to bring all these funny and difficult glimpses into his life to the stage.  The play leaves you with an appreciation of how frail we humans are and how strong we can become by learning to love ourselves and others for our differences and our similarities. 
An Audience Member
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