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The success of the show for two years was because you believed in my desire to share my story of surviving child abuse, rape, incest, homophobia,church abuse and a breakdown. You helped me show others that they can survive and thrive, too. Achieving that goal is a blessing and humbles me. Using my life's challenges and overcomings to offer hope and healing to others is what I want to do.  As such  "Confessions..." (as well as other similar projects) will be back next year along with the first part of my autobiography, interviews and singing engagements.  In the meantime, you can see some of my work on and I'm on Facebook for up to the minute Billie Hall news.
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 I'm just getting started. 
    Recently, I marched in the GayPride Parade with Gloria Allred as one of the "Allreds" (see TMZ, YouTube).  And soon, my newly penned song: "Touched By The Devil's Angel" will be available. 
 Recently there were be three stories in the National Enquirer about my unfortunate experiences with my former employer of nine years, Della Reese.  I couldn't keep the dark secrets any longer and decided to free my conscience by telling the truth, whatever the  consequences.  
  "Evil prospers because good people do nothing..." 
 It's an old saying, but a true one. By blowing the whistle, I am attempting to right a personal wrong.  'Personal' because,out of fear,I stood by and did nothing as I watched things happen that hurt others and me as moral, spiritual and human laws were broken. I've paid a price for my silence and now I'M NO LONGER AFRAID. I want to be a person who speaks up for right whether the offender is a "star" a politician or a preacher, because I believe that none of us are free from the Laws of Karma.   We are not here to protect others from their own lies and misdeeds; that's called enabling. I certainly have reaped what I've sown for remaining silent in this situation as well as other errors in judgment.  I've learned the hard way that only
 The Truth Shall Set You Free! 
It'll all be in the new version of "Confessions..."
I was pleased that the stories were in the National Enquire. And even though they were unable to tell the WHOLE story, it was a beginning. It is so important for people to know that they can speak up and do something about abusers, whoever they are.  As such, I intend to go into more detail about my negative experiences with Della Reese on this website and my blog which is available on this website.  "Be not deceived, God is not mocked; For whatsoever a man (or woman) sows, That shall he also reap..." So says the Bible.  Well, if we sow seeds of pain and distress, sooner or later, Karma will catch up with us.  Judging from the IRS and FBI now investigatin her, as well as past church members coming forward to report her for mishandling finances, I guess Della's day has come.  And so it is!
In the meantime, be true to yourself and  remember that God gave YOU your mind, don't give it away!
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